Acne Treatment FAQ

Is It Good To Pop Pimples?
Avoid popping your own pimples. This practice can spread bacteria around; instead of getting rid of acne overnight, you may find you simply worsen your breakouts by attempting to pop your pimples. If you find you simply must pop a lesion to get rid of acne fast before a special event, be sure to use sterilized equipment and wash your face and hands thoroughly before and after. 
How Do I Make Acne Go Away?
Unfortunately, there’s no overnight cure for acne. In order to properly get rid of acne without damaging your skin, you must practice a daily cleansing routine. Use a gentle acne treatment that effectively fights breakouts without causing damage to the skin.
What Is In Acne Lesions?
It’s important to understand what’s inside those acne lesions to properly treat them. When pores fill up with sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria, the mixture causes inflammation and results in painful pimples.
How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots from Acne?
The dark spots from acne are actually pigment alterations. Getting rid of dark spots left behind by acne means following essential steps:
    1. Let time do its thing: dark marks generally fade over time.
    2. Use sunscreen and avoid excess sun exposure
    3. Consider chemical peels
    4. Utilize skin lighteners
    5. Use daily acne treatment to avoid future scarring
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