Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Why do you suffer from acne? This question occurs to many acne sufferers, but the answer includes more than one might expect. Causes of acne vulgaris are four major factors: hormones, diet, hygiene, and genes. Obviously, nothing can be done about a given set of genes, so it falls to treating the other three factors. Acne vulgaris is caused when pores are plugged and become inflamed. Two things,
sebum and dead skin cells, cause the blockage. Sebum is a material produced by the body, but when the body produces it in excess, sebum binds up dead cells within a pore resulting in acne. Naturally, this blockages presents an easy target and a certain kind of bacteria takes advantage to cause inflammation leading to the large zits and pimples that ruin prom nights. This process may repeat hundreds of time all over an.
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