Foods That Cause Acne

What about normal foods? Are there foods that cause acne, even without an allergic reaction? Although no specific foods have been proven to cause acne breakouts by themselves, diets high in fat, sugar, oil, and carbohydrates. Given the propensity of high fat and high sugar diets to result in acne, common sense dictates a reduction in these foods. Eating healthy foods, natural sugars, and
avoiding junk food and sweets will likely benefit any attempt to clear up acne. Much suspicion is cast on chocolate as a cause of acne. Read our article Does Chocolate Cause Acne to learn more. Some also suggest that highly acidic foods are foods that cause acne. They list foods like lentils, corn, prunes, cranberries, milk, cheese, butter, animal proteins, aspirin, and tobacco as possible detriments to an acne free lifestyle. With such a complex list, it is important to remember that the overall diet determines the acne tendencies of the individual.
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