Teenage Acne Skin Care

Levels of hygiene previously unneeded in a person's life must become commonplace to teenage acne skin care. Religiously washing the face and affected regions twice a day with a mild cleanser will help lessen the severity of any acne problem. One might be tempted to scrub when washing, but
research shows that scrubbing tends to irritate the skin, contributing to future inflammations and worsening acne. Rather, treat your skin with even greater tenderness and consider using a moisturizer. One of the biggest temptations is to pop the pustules. In almost every case, this is contrary to good acne treatment. Popping 'zits' most often increases the inflammation, the amount of time it will take to heal, and the chance of permanent scarring. There is one case where you may feel forced to pop. When a great big white head pushes its way out on your forehead or nose, the social embarrassment may be worse the chance of scarring. If that is the case, carefully place your fingers to either side and apply pressure down and inwards. The pimple should pop easily. Most recommend using a tissue to do this to keep any bacteria hiding under your fingernails from getting on your face. By following these tips on teenage acne skin care, you'll be able to reduce the severity of your acne.
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