What causes breakouts?

The difficulty with acne stems from the variety of acne causes research has found. On the surface, acne consists of many small infections creating lesions on the skin manifesting themselves as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, etc. Bacteria causes acne, but it isn't that simple. People with apparently similar hygiene regimens will have entirely different degrees of acne. At the root of acne
problems is a material called sebum. This material in conjunction with skin oils and dead skin cells causes blockages in the pores which causes acne as we know it. However, the reason that some people have more sebum that others goes even further than that. A variety of reasons can cause excessive sebum levels, but many acne problems are hormonal. Hormones related to menstruation, puberty, and stress have all been linked to causing acne. Likewise, drugs and medications with hormonal components may contribute to causing acne.Read
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