What is Acne Vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris is the medical term for the most common variety of acne. This malady, so prolific that it may affect nearly everyone born with skin, consists of comedones, which most of us know as zits, pimples, and the like. Inflamed acne vulgaris causes pustules, papules, and nodules in the more severe varieties. Acne vulgaris usually manifests on the areas of the body boasting the most pore density, which means the face, upper chest, and upper back. Although body acne can be a problem, that usually indicates a more severe form of acne than mere acne vulgaris. Treatments for acne vulgaris vary as widely as the severity of this affliction with more than a few that fail to treat the root of the problem, much like cold medicines which treat only symptoms. However, unlike the common cold, scientists know the causes of acne vulgaris, and they are treatable.
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