Should I Take Birth Control That Treats Acne?

When it comes to birth control and acne, consult with a physician before taking anything new. Birth control that treats acne may be appropriate for you, but birth control causes a number of hormonal changes in the female body which should be well understood in advance to avoid confusion. If birth control that treats acne is desired, the decision must be even more carefully made, since not all birth control products control acne and some even exaggerate existing acne problems. Some drugs that treat acne include norgestimate, norethindrone, desogestrel, ethynodiol, and levonorgestrel. These drugs are called progestins. Progestins are used to balance the estrogen used in birth control products. The reason you want to look for these specific progestin compounds stems from the fact that they tend to aid in the control of acne. Consider discussing some or all of these names with your physician to understand better what they are and what they do.
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